Step through the gates…


Thank you one and all for checking in with me, your Maitre D to the Macabre, your Guide to the Ghastly, The Baron of Bad Taste, Himself…Doctor Havok!!!


This blog will be an evolving work in progress. A Learn as I go experience, if you will. This is the reason I’ve re-posted my #31DaysOfHorror project from last year. It’s a fairly simple concept, review and discuss at least one horror movie a day for all 31 days of October…sounds right up my alley, right? Well what i didn’t anticipate is that watching all those films wouldn’t be the problem, but rather writing something fun and engaging on a daily basis was the challenge. I feel the writing suffered from my self imposed deadline, and will not be making the same mistake twice.

From here on out, I will not impose any deadline on myself, only posting something once I’m satisfied with it. This year I will continue the #31DaysofHorror project, just with less frequent updates. Also on the horizon are projects centered around Rebooted Franchises, Modern Classics, Cryptozoo Horror (Bigfoot and such), as well as an editorial of the infamous Video Nasties list from England, accompanied by reviews of each film. Also expect editorials, video posts, really whatever the fuck I feel like posting. This is after all, MY SHOW!!! …speaking of which…

All this is building up to my eventual goal of launching my own web-show! It may replace this blog, or it may co-exist, time will tell on that one. Once launched, I will screen full length films, possibly adding my own commentary tracks, interview guests, and showcase all aspects of horror culture that tickle my morbid lil fancy.

Both this blog and ultimately the show will be a huge learning curve for me, so I welcome any help or insight you can provide, even if its just a cool recommendation, I appreciate it all. Know a lot about how to make Blogs look sweet and get noticed? Share with me! Have a video camera? You’re my new best friend! Know about copyright law and Fair Use policies? Let me pick your brain! Know about video editing? Web/Graphic design? marketing? Pull up a coffin and lets talk shop! Whether you are a friend, a fan, an enemy, you wanna fuck me, whatever the case my be, I want to hear from you!

Thank you in advance for the support!


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