Now I know my ABCs…


Alrighty, so last night I to a Sinister Cinema special presentation of The ABCS of Death. It was grand fun. The film is not new to me, as I had already seen it, but nonetheless, it is always fun to watch a film on the big screen, as well as support special events like these. The film is a very unique and ambitious anthology piece comprised of 26 shorts with 26 different directors. If i remember correctly, I heard that 15 countries are represented in the completed work. The styles of film vary, sometimes vastly from short to short, and some segments fall a little flat. Some are beautiful, others are confusing, some are hilarious, others are mesmerizing…and some are balls out insane! All in all, it is a fun and exciting film experience. A Sequel has already been confirmed with the same 26 director format. From the first film alone, I have a list of directors to check out! They even allowed fan submissions (T is for Toilet). In a previous entry, i wrote about my excitement with the direction the horror genre is going, and this film is a perfect example. It exposes us to new talent, fresh ideas, and fearless ambition. I welcome more and more and more! The Sinister Cinema series has two more dates coming up, May 30th is American Mary, the newest entry from the Soska Sisters(aka the Twisted Twins), and starring one of the longest running queens of my perverse fantasies, Katherine Isabelle. The final presentation on June 19th is No One Lives. When I first heard that it was a film from WWE studios, I had my doubts despite my love of wrestling, but after seeing the trailer, I have high hopes for this film. Check for theaters and times in your local area, support the genre, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, or if you just want to chat about this, or any other film, or anything in general.

I won’t be making any new entries over the weekend, as I’ll be catching up on some much needed beauty sleep. I’m sure i’ll be making a new entry soon though.

Stay sexy, Creeps!


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