I enjoy what I do…

Everyone knows a Horror fan. Just like everyone knows at least one sports nut, or car enthusiast, or what have you. We’re generally pretty easy to spot, because we wear our obsession on our sleeve, sometimes literally. It should come as no surprise that I am the token Horror nut in my office, and as such I take it as my responsibility to recommend (some would say promote, but I don’t give myself that much credit), quality horror films to my co workers. My recommendations range from the classics, to newer releases, and all in between. What really makes my day, sometimes even the best part of my day, is when a co-worker comes in to the office, and immediately seeks me out.


“Holy shit Vince! I watched *Insert Horror title i had recommended to them* last night! OMG! It freaked me the fuck out! I actually screamed out loud! I got almost no sleep! OMG! …What else do you recommend?”


Yeah…that right there…that makes me a happy Doctor Havok 



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