Lets Get Nasty! : “Axe” and “The Beast In Heat”


Once, just once, can there be a film in this series that has one goddamn title? Fucksakes! Anyway, Axe(1977), also known as Lisa Lisa, and California Axe Massacre is an American film directed by Frederick R. Freidel, who also stars as “Billy”, while The main character, Lisa, is played by Leslie Lee. As near as i can tell, not a lot of fuss was made over the film until it was added to the DPP list in 1984. This was surprising because the film is rather tame. The plot concerns a group of 3 criminals on the run, who take shelter in a secluded farm house occupied by Lisa and her Grandfather. After subjecting the two to various humiliations, and taking too many liberties with Lisa, little sweet Lisa grabs an axe and takes revenge. The story is nothing special, and really suffers from poor pacing, and irrational acting. The criminals must be in their 30s or 40s, yet during the scene where they “terrorize” the corner store, their tactics are those of the school bully. Stirring shit up just to get a reaction. One of the stateside re-releases tried to cash in on The Texas Chainsaw massacre by using the title California Axe Massacre…cute. Including this film as one of the Video Nasties is a stretch. Sure, there may be some things that could potentially offend people, the home invasion, the attempted rape, the violence and murder…But you will almost certainly have fallen asleep long before any of that comes about.

Beast in Heat

Now THIS is a True Nasty! A film that has no other purpose than to depict Nazis as kinky sadists, and show lots of  rapey sex! This Italian slice of sleaze was originally titled La Bestia in Calore, and also known by the English translation The Beast In Heat. Subsequent releases saw the use of such titles as: SS Hell Camp, SS Experiment Part 2, and Horrifying Experiments of the SS’ last days.  Made in 1977, this film attempted to cash in on the success of Ilssa, She Wolf of the SS. A film that led to Nazi Exploitation films to become quite popular in Italian Cinema. I can’t find the exact date this film was added to the DPP list, or that it was prosecuted, but i can confirm it is banned in the UK as well as Australia to this day. Like many Nazisploitation films, the plot is formulaic, the editing inept, costumes cheap, and includes a SS Dominatrix. In this case, our SS Queen demonstrated the genius of German science by creating a squat half man/half beast mutant thingy…


Lookit him.

Why create such a beast? Meh, who cares…But now that he exists, lets feed him a diet of super-aphrodisiacs, and have him rape a bunch of beautiful young girls while we Nazis stand around and watch! Fuck Yeah! Heil Hitler!

That’s the movie. No joke.  The film features heavy amounts of torture, nudity and sexual violence, but any impact these elements may have is rendered mute by the constant sex-crazed chuckle of the beast. Seriously, if you hear it, suddenly rape will become funny.

In our Next Installment: The Beyond, and A Bay Of Blood!


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