The Rob Bottin Drinking Game


Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a double feature at the Rio Theater hosted by FX Guru, Todd Masters, and Jen & Sylvia Soska. The films featured that night were John Carpenter’s The Thing, and Slither. Both chosen for their fantastic practical effects, as well as being crowd pleasers in their own right. Any night celebrating top notch visual effects will inevitably turn into a love fest for Rob Bottin, The genius behind The Thing, The Fog, The Howling, Legend, and many other films, and this night was no exception. The night’s festivities included a video made by two lovely little songstresses proclaiming their love and appreciation for Rob Bottin (Search Rob Bottin Song), a Skype Q&A session with one of Rob’s right hand men while working on The Thing (I’m sad to say his name escapes me), merch giveaways, doling out screen used props from Slither (Big ole slimey phallic parasites), we got to give Michael Rooker the finger (You had to be there) and a drinking game. Yes, a drinking game. The setup was, we were to all watch an interview with Rob, talking about a particular effect in The Thing, and drink every time Rob said “Yah-Know”. It was great, The Soskas even had signs they would hold up as our que to drink. I’m not adept enough to tell which Soska is which yet, so the pretty one held up a sigh that said “YAH-“, and in the same beat, the other pretty one would hold up a sign that said “KNOW”. Now, I had seen this interview before, and many like it. I know how much Rob Bottin says “Yah-Know”. I knew I was fucked. And I had Tequila. I’m not able to find a YouTube link to the interview in question, but if I’m not mistaken, it should be on the DVD release of The Thing.

I’ve since played the Rob Bottin drinking game on three other occasions. I am the undefeated champion.





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