Nothing Left to Fear gave us nothing to fear at all.



Well, I was excited to see this one. I had high hopes that this film based on the legends surrounding Stull, Kansas would deliver the demonic scares or at the very least devilish unease. The Legend is basically that the town is a Gate to Hell. There is a very old cemetery in Stull, that has long been rumored to be a hub of Occult activity. On the grounds stood an old church with no roof, and a giant pine tree which has grown right through a headstone, splitting the stone in two. The church is allegedly a popular home to witches holding black mass, and performing sacrifices. A well hidden stairway behind the church leads down, allegedly to Hell itself. Rumors persist that those who spend the night in the cemetery will experience lost time, flashlight problems, and will hear explainable and terrifying noises, and that visitors to the town are often chased off by locals in pickup trucks. As with any local legend, whether it is true or not is completely irrelevant, because the story has become part of the local culture. 

The film was fine from a technical aspect, it was well shot, well paced, expertly scored(Producer Slash pulled double duty by scoring the film as well), and well acted. Particularly Clancy Brown. But the story just fell flat. The only elements of the legend that were kept were: 1) The town is called Stull, 2) It’s a gateway to Hell. The FX were ok, nothing special, the scares were non-existent…It felt like a slightly more grown up episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark”. I try not to be negative about the films i review, as i feel there is enough of that out there online as it is, but I just did not enjoy this film. Make no mistake…that is not to say it is a bad film, I just got zero enjoyment from it.


Better luck next time Slash!


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