The Cryptid Crypt: Willow Creek



Welcome back to another edition of the Cryptid Crypt! Our last installment was many months ago…apparently i get distracted easily. *Editor Note: The Good Doctor wrote this opening, then spent at least 3 hours fucking around with games on his phone*

I don’t know if you have ever gone to an international film festival, but it is an experience. I saw Willow Creek during the opening night of the Vancouver International Film Fest, and the experience was nearly ruined for me before i even got into the theater. I was not there to take in film after film after film, I was there as a Horror fan…and I was utterly alone. I was surrounded by douche-bags with un-ironic moustaches and gay versions of 1950s haircuts, Vintage clothes, and women who look like they are named Imogen. And scarves. Everyone was wearing fucking scarves! Luckily, I had my flask with me and managed to play a little drinking game. I would eavesdrop on the pretentious fucks surrounding me and drink every time I heard “…was SUCH an under-rated filllm…” Needless to say, I was shitfaced in no time.

Come showtime, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the writer and director of the film, Bobcat Goldthwait himself, was on hand to introduce the feature, give us a few laughs, and humbly thank us for coming out to watch his little movie. A class act! He even stayed to do a Q&A afterwards, and was all around cool as fuck. As far as the film goes, It’s a found footage Bigfoot film. By that description alone, you should now know pretty much what happens in the film. There have been a few nearly identical films (see the last edition of Cryptid Crypt for Lost Coast Tapes, and Bigfoot County). What really peaked my interest with Willow Creek is that it is a very smart approach to a film that is well worn territory. We never see the creature, but are aware of it’s pressence. The scariest moments of the film give us very little visually to work with, but rely on tension and sound, then Bobcat lets us draw our own conclusions. He gives us just enough of a set up toallow us to make up our own mind about what is happening, rather than parading a Sasquatch across the screen and telling us how it is. While it is certainly not the most exciting film I have seen, it was still a perfectly enjoyable film and a MUST-SEE for Sasquatch fans.


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