#31DayOfHorror: Oct 7-9

Oct 7th: Silver Bullet(1985): http://youtu.be/WQ24mMwi9Mk



Y’know how the movie is never as good as the book? Well that goes double for movies based on books written by Stephen King. King’s Novella “Cycle Of The Werewolf” is a year long arc, broken up into chapters based around the lunar cycle, and telling the story of a Werewolf hunting in a small town, only to be found out, and ultimately stopped by a young brother and sister. Where  “Cycle” really shone was in allowing King to do what he does best by crafting a haunting and engaging atmosphere, one in which we cannot help but look forward to what horror lurk on the next page. Helping this along were the incredible illustrations of Bernie Wrightson, who King had also collaborated with on Creepshow.



Now as far as 80’s werewolf films go, Silver Bullet is far from the worst, but when compared to the Holy Trinity of 1981 (The Howling, Wolfen, an An American Werewolf In London), it pales in comparison. Having said that, it’s not without it’s charm. It stars Corey Haim as the wheelchair-bound Marty, Gary Busey as the Cool-as-shit Uncle Red, and Everett McGill as Reverend Lowe, later revealed to be the werewolf. The story depicted in the film is greatly compressed, taking place within a single summer, rather than a full year, and sees Busey turn in a fantastic performance, the highlight of which is him unleashing the “Full-crazy-face” when he finally sees the werewolf. 

Oct 8th: The Fog(1980): http://youtu.be/nOZwnivtLbc



This was the first film made by Carpenter after his massive success in Halloween. While it was not nearly as big a hit, it still works as a good old fashioned ghost story. 100 years ago, 6 men conspired to sink a ship full of Lepers and loot the wreckage. The sea-side town of Antonio Bay was founded with the ill-gotten gold, and on the centennial anniversary of the town, a mysterious glowing fog rolls in from sea, carrying with it the vengeful spirits. Carpenter’s films are often known for their simple yet iconic synth scores, and this may be his finest yet. A truly creepy dirge that captures the feeling of the film perfectly. In 2005, a remake of The Fog was released…and the less said about that the better. Carpenter’s Fog still stands up as am eerie, moody film, drenched in atmospheric horror. This should be required viewing for young-uns who need a horror film education.


Oct 9th: Sleepaway Camp(1983): http://youtu.be/5pjjuFT6QF4



Where to begin? This gender-bending camping gem is responsible for one of the strangest twist endings in film history and packs more than its fair share of odd sexual plot points. The film opens to see a Father and his two young children enjoying a summer day on the lake, when a freak accident sees a speedboat crash into them. 8 years later, and we learn the lone survivor Angela now lives with her cousin Ricky and her very odd aunt. As Ricky and Angela are leaving for camp, it is established that Angela isn’t very talkative, and her Aunt speaks like a Stepford wife who says literally everything that comes to her mind. Upon arriving at the camp, it’s teen politics as usual, with Ricky being somewhat popular and keeping a watchful eye out for shy Angela, who proves an easy target for the other kids. Kids are assholes. Soon after the camp opens and the campers arrive, it becomes clear that a murderer is at work, and it seems like Ricky might be the culprit…but the eventual reveal (never has that term been more appropriate) will be something NOBODY will see coming.

Because it’s the 80s, there are an awful lot of campers and counselors alike wearing hilariously short shorts, and feathered hair. It also spawned two hilariously bad sequels. After the big reveal…ah fuck it, Angela is actually a boy, we get a more clear picture of the mental state of the Aunt. At first she just seems odd and quirky, but when we learn that she views the taking in of her orphaned nephew as an opportunity to have the little girl she always wanted, it becomes very clear she is a deeply disturbed woman. It is also revealed that before the accident, Angela and her Brother walked in on their father in the throws of a homosexual relationship, the significance of which isn’t really addressed, but we are left to assume has left Angela traumatized. And because the sexuality on this film wasn’t deviant enough, the first victim is a Pedophile working in the mess hall, who attempts to take advantage of Angela before she is saved by Ricky. I confess that i don’t know exactly what the writers were trying to say by incorporate all these elements, but I will say that anytime i meet a cute girl, part of me wonders if she has a dick. 


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