#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 10

Oct 10th: Lifeforce(1985): http://youtu.be/qej5nlRb9VM



Imagine it…Tobe Hooper is smoking a joint with screenwriter Dan O’Bannon and talking about absurd film ideas. Eventually, through the haze of Chronic, they come up with the idea of a movie about Vampires from space. Both giggle a lot, then one adds that for maximum hilarity, it should be played straight, and not like the obvious joke it is. Both roll on tha floor for several hours laughing, then pig out on Pringles.  Weeks later, O’Bannon calls Hooper and says “I’m sending the first draft over tonight”, to which Hooper replies “What? You were fucking serious? Alright…here we go…”

I imagine that is the only way this film could have come about. It is seriously about Space Vampires…and it takes itself seriously! The crew of the space shuttle Churchill finds a 150-mile long spaceship hidden in the corona of Halley’s comet. The crew finds hundreds of dead, desiccated bat-like creatures and three naked humanoid bodies (two male and one female with absolutely RAD tits) in stasis within glass containers. The crew recovers the three aliens and begins the return trip to Earth. Predictably, these plans go awry, and before you know it, The humanoids are discovered to be Space Vampires who feed on Lifeforce rather than blood, and have the ability to shape-shift, making to increasingly bothersome to track them down once they start running amok on Earth. The film changes gears often and moves at a quick pace to cram 2 films worth of story into two hours. Some of the dialogue is heavy on the exposition, but it is handled in a way that it doesn’t sound awkward. Where the film really shines in in the Visual Effects. The scenes depicting the discovery and exploration of the Alien ship look fantastic and ahead of their time. even holding up well by todays standards.  The first act feels like Alien, the rest of the film feels like a souped up Hammer Horror film. It’s a strange combination, but it works.


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