#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 11-12

Oct 11th: Night of the Demons(1988): http://youtu.be/XKzuj2eavtU


I seem to remember being much more afraid of this movie than i should have been. My best guess is that i saw the cover for Dario Argento’s Demons, only managed to retain the horrific image and the word demons and must have assumed this was the same film when i saw a trailer for it while watching the Movie Channel with my Uncle Ian. On a similar note, I saw Demons, but for years I thought it was Night of the Living Dead, all because my Uncle had said that movie was on, but he must have tuned to Demons instead. MOVING ON!

Night of the Demons is sparce on plot, but heavy on fun! The story is a group of teens decide to have a Halloween party in an abandoned local mortuary. Let’s do some introductions.  First, we have Goth girl, Angela, the Host of the party. Along with her is Boy-Crazy mega-slut Suzanne. There is abbrassive punk-rock-fatass, Stooge, Pretty yet un-remarkable Helen, and Token black Character Roger, who’s “Daddy was a preacher”, so he knows better than to be messin with the supernatural. Next, we have Max and Frannie, a couple that has no individual identity at all. They only exist because they are together, and i don’t mean that in a romantic way, I mean that as in, individually, they each make up less than half a character. On the bright side, they fuck in a coffin, and Frannie has rad tits and giant hair. Next, we have Judy, the sugary sweet virgin, and her date, preppy asshole Max. Lastly, we have Sal, swaggering Italian asshole Sal, whom crashes the party in an attempt to get closer to Judy. As the cliche characters go through their motions, the kids get the brilliant idea to hold a “past-life-Seance”. Oh those quirky kids…whatever happened to playing Bloody Mary, or screwing noisily in a broom closet? The seance awakens a Demon laying dormant in the basement, who possesses the group one by one, until only two are left alive. If you watch this and feel like you’ve just sat through a 90 minute adult version of Scoobey-Doo, you aren’t alone, and that is not a bad thing. The creature effects are pretty decent, the soundtrack kicks ass, and the movie is fucking fun! This should be required viewing for anyone looking for a film to add to their Halloween Fright Fest.

Still not convinced? Full Frontal Linnea Quigley! Need I say more?

Full Film: http://youtu.be/3plPvGiB3uw

Oct 12: Demons(1985): http://youtu.be/85ot_4TgHTk


Well, since i had this film on my mind so much, it seemed only natural for this to be my next viewing. I’ve said several times before that Dario Argento is one of the Masters of Horror, and while he only produces this film, I still feel he deserves a lot of credit for it. Movies in the 80s have taught me 3 very important lessons. 1) Always be nice the the cute nerdy girl, because she will be there for you long after that snotty bitch Heather rips out your heart and drops you for that asshole with the Porche. 2) Dancing solves everything, and the most important in this instance…3) HOOKERS AIN’T NOTHIN BUT TROUBLE! Don’t worry, this will all make sense in a little bit.

While travelling on  the subway, university student Cheryl gets off at her stop in the deserted subway station, she then hears footsteps and she is pursued by a mysterious, masked man. Rather than attack her the man offers her tickets to a free film screening. Now wasn’t that nice of him? She talks her friend, Kathy, into going with her and they skip classes and go see the film. The flyers they are given only give the name of the theater, but no hints are given about what film they will be seeing. Oooooooo intrigue!  The bizarre Phantom of the Opera style marketing seems to work, as the screening gets a great turn out. At the theater, they meet two young bucks, George and Ken(both are the “Sweater tied around shoulders” sort)  who take an immediate liking to them. The boys use the tried and true pickup method of helping the girls score coke…well, actually they just help them get their can of soda from a stubborn machine…but it’s close enough, and naturally, they end up sitting together. Some of the other film goers include the bitchiest Married couple in the whole city, an overly smoochy teen couple, a Blind Man accompanied by his daughter to tell him what happens during the film, and a Pimp accompanied with two of his Hookers. Uh Oh…trouble’s brewin!  The Hookers can’t resist fucking around with the theater display props in the foyer. The one named Rosemary scratches her face with a bizarre mask moments  before they go in to watch the film. The film is a violent, disturbing horror film that is pretty heavy on exposition and has shit dialogue…but since it is a movie within a movie, i’ll let it slide. . Its about four teenagers who go out at night to explore an old tomb and dig up the body of Nostradamus. Yup…Nostradamus. But when they open  Nostradamus’s coffin there’s no body but just an old book and a mask which looks like the exact same mask that was in the foyer. When one of the kids on screen opens the book, he curses it for being in Latin, which he can’t read, before suddenly remembering that yes he can! The gist of it is “Bad bad bad, Creepy Phrasing, don’t touch the mask…so on and so forth” When one of the biys inevitably puts the mask on he’s scratched by the mask just like Rosemary was and a moment later he turns evil and starts attacking and slaughtering his friends with a knife. Feeling ill, Rosemary goes to the bathroom. The scratch on her face pulses disgustingly, then bursts open, spewing out a foul pus. She is soon transformed into a bloodthirsty, fanged demon like in the film. Rosemary attacks her Hooker friend, Carmen. Carmen rips through the screen and transforms into a demon in front of the rest of the cinema goers, and from there, we are off and running! See? HOOKERS AIN’T NOTHIN BUT TROUBLE!

The deft Direction of Lamberto Bava is responsible for the nightmarish look and feel of the film. Improbable back-lighting and glowing eyes, as well as great make up, make for some fantastic visuals in this classic horror gem. The evil is caused by a movie essentially coming to life and infecting the audience. Was this a tongue in cheek jab at horror critics who felt that fright films were turning their audiences into degenerates? I think so! The Soundtrack includes tracks by Billy Idol, Saxon, Accept, and Motley Crue, and even manages to squeeze in a sequence where one of the Male survivors rides up and down the cinema aisles on a dirtbike, dispatching Demons one by one with a Katana sword, all the while with a damsel in distress, riding behind him clutching his waist. It ruly must be seen to believed. Hell, even the sequel is decent…but that is another review for another time…


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