#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 17th

Oct 17th: From Beyond(1986) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kENuvJ2MIA&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Alright, FULL DISCLOSURE! I am writing this entry on my phone, using the WordPress app. So if it looks wonky compared to my other posts, that’s why. If the writing is shit, I suppose I have to take the blame.

Another confession, I felt my mind constantly wander while watching this Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft tale. The film opens in the lab of Dr. Edward Pretorius and his colleague Crawford Tillinghast. The good Doctors have built a machine called The Resonator, which is designed to stimulate the Pineal Gland of those in the immediate vicinity. Upon firing the machine up, it seems to emit a neon pink light, then stuff happens…I dunno, I heard Pineal Gland, my mind drifted to the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Thompson and Acosta take liberal hits of Adrynochrome and giant sized bumps of cocaine served up on a Bowie knife. They speak about what it would be like to trip on “extract of Pineal”, hallucinating wildly as they do. Acosta turns into a hideous Devil Creature with 6 breasts growing from his furry back (“Beautiful fucking fits, man!” Exclaims Hunter). Come to think of it, that scene had the same weird pink lighting that is used in The Beyond…

By the time my attention snapped back to the film, I was aware their experiments with The Resonator had gone wrong, with only Crawford surviving. He returns to the lab with a psychiatrist and a detective to verify his claims that the Resonator effectively opens the door to another dimension filled with strange creatures. Upon trying to repeat the experiment, they learn that prolonged exposure to the Resonators frequencies have frightening effects. But I didn’t get a chance to figure out more.. Because the Detective is played by Ken Foree. Yup, I drifted off again…I saw him in The Devils Rejects, saying “Are you saying that I would take a chicken. Cut its head off. Put my dick in it. Fuck it. And go AAAAAUAAUGGGHHH?!? You accusing me of chicken fucking Mother Fucker?”

This happened again and again throughout the film. I just could not concentrate on the fucker to save my life. Did I like it? Sure, it was entertaining, but for the wrong reasons. The special effects are very compelling, but seem very much like a subdued version of The Thing. While that may sound like a negative, when you consider that The Thing is the be-all-end-all in special fx, being compared to the best is a compliment in itself.


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