#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 23rd

Oct 23rd: Suspiria(1977): http://youtu.be/_8zbV_fFkYs


“Violence is Italian Art” – Lucio Fulci

No Horror movie marathon is complete without the Dario Argento directed classic. The story concerns an American girl, Suzy who enrolls in an exclusive dance academy in Germany. On the night she arrives, she witnesses another student, Pat, flee the school in a state of duress. Pat flees to a friend’s condo in town, but cannot relax. Something has her on edge…and rightfully so. After seeing an otherworldly pair of eyes right outside her window, she is brutally attacked and killed.


This opening scene, with it’s over-saturated technicolor hues and it’s haunting, hypnotic score sets the tone for this film. Argento has been quoted many times as saying the inspiration for his films come from his nightmares. The look of the film is deliberately kept unrealistic and surreal so as to convey a nightmarish feel.  Each murder is a beautiful tableau, both horrible in it’s viciousness, and gorgeous in it’s framing and use of color.  Now…the story. Well, Let’s be honest, the story doesn’t really make a lot of sense. In fact, a good portion of the movie, absolutely nothing happens while we are witness to seemingly trivial events made to seem important by the stylistic flourishes employed by the director. Somehow we just know that what we are seeing is important. Call it “Nightmare Logic”, if that works for you.  Argento manages to craft a truly beautiful nightmare that still manages to send chills up the spines of audiences even today. They really don’t make em like they used to anymore.


Check out The Dark And Stormy Night’s take: http://thedarkandstormynight.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/sugar-coated-splatter/

Also, Check out the Full Film: http://youtu.be/IwYeNQm7JT4

…and here’s a link to the Full Soundtrack by Prog rock Masterminds, Goblin: http://youtu.be/QwLgdbXtqtg


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