#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 26th

Oct 26th: Return Of The Living Dead(1985): http://youtu.be/wylpeAXYcBQ


For a 1985 Horror Comedy with a wacky ensemble cast and dated(yet awesome) music, Dan O’Bannon’s “The Return Of The Living Dead” holds up incredibly well. This film remains one of the most fun films ever made. From Linnea Quigley’s iconic nude graveyard romp, the the epic Tar-man, who looks like a living Bernie Wrightson drawing, to the strains of “Do Ya Wanna Party?” by 45 Grave blaring as dozens of the undead crawl from their graves, this film hits on all cylinders!

more brains 3

Anyone who considers themselves a Zombie fan, and lets face it…there are an awful lot of you trendy lil bandwagon jumpers out there…owe a huge debt of thanks to ROTLD, as this was the film that introduced the notion of Zombies eating brains. Another plus for this film is the last minute inclusion of the incredible Clu Gallagher, who plays Burt, the owner of Uneeda Medical Supplies. Gallagher’s performance not only adds a fantastic presence to the film, but helped a largely unknown cast step their collective game up. But the real star of this film was, and always will be, The Tar-man!


Not only is this a dramatic leap forward in Zombie portrayal, as far as make-up effects go, as well as over-all design, but the producers were able to find an Actor who actually had a the body type to wear the suit and make it look convincing. Take a moment to appreciate that. Not only was this person( Allan Trautman), very thin, but incredibly limber and had fantastic muscle control. He manages to pull off staggering, stumbling movements that look as iff the bones themselves will pop out of their loosened joints at any second.  It’s no secret that this film is quite silly, I think we can all agree it makes up a large part of it’s charm, but it is very ahead of it’s time. At the beginning, warehouse worker Frank, acknowledges that “Night Of The Living Dead”(it’s linear predecessor) is a real film, and that it was based off of a “real event” that happened within the universe of ROTLD. This pre-dates the wave of Meta-films we would see later on such as Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, and the Scream series. The notion that a film is aware of the existence of a certain film, and opperates outside of that reality, effectively portraying “real-life” is largely lost in this film though. After the initial mentioning of it, it pretty much gets glossed over in favour of Punk Rock, Brain Munching, and tits. Fair Trade.


Full Film: http://youtu.be/mO9ZKzF9EmM


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