#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 27th

Oct 27th: A Nightmare On Elm Street(1984)


What can I say about one of the most iconic Horror films of all time? Nearly everyone has seen this film, and even if they haven’t, EVERYONE knows who Freddy Krueger is. It takes something very special to transcend it’s original franchise, but it’s medium as well.  Freddy has become a cultural icon, and while Wes Craven deserves immense credit for creating him, It is Robert Englund who truly breathed life into the character and truly allowed him to invade our dreams. The Character of Fred Krueger was a serial killer who targeted children, and it is implied that he was also a pedophile. After being killed by an angry mod of the parents of his victims, somehow his essence survived and began seeking his revenge by haunting the dreams of the remaining Elm Street children, and killing them. He becomes a local Boogeyman, not unlike “Cropsey” in New York, or “Spring Heeled Jack” in England. The Big Bad Wolf would swallow up children who strayed too far from home, but Freddy doesn’t wait for you to stray or to commit some transgression, no…he kills you because he can, and because he likes it.

Portrayed by Englund with a certain flair for the dramatic and charisma, we can very easily see that Freddy enjoys scaring his victims. He is the cruel clown, a demented Vaudeville  throwback. As he stalks Nancy, and she fights him off, there is definitely a psycho-sexual aspect to their encounters. It’s a classic telling of the dance between good and evil. On top of all of that, It’s a great date movie, or even great for kids getting together and watching it during a sleepover. Don’t question the classics, just accept that there is a reason they have proven so enduring, and watch it! Watch it several times! And don’t forget to dim the lights.


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