#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 30th

Oct 30th: House On Haunted Hill(1959): http://youtu.be/GZ5paTwRA_k



Vincent Price is the man! Really, this review doesn’t need to say anything more.


But, I’m gonna write more anyway.

The film concerns eccentric millionaire Fredric Loren(Price), inviting five supposed strangers to an allegedly haunted house he has rented so as to throw a party for his fourth wife, Annabelle. The five guests are test pilot Lance Schroeder, newspaper columnist Ruth Bridges, the house’s frightened owner Watson Pritchard, psychiatrist Dr. David Trent who specializes in hysteria, and Nora Manning, who works for one of Loren’s companies. Each are told that if they can stay the night in the house, each will be given $10,000, the doors will be locked at midnight, and they will each be given guns to protect themself. Loren’s wife is reluctant to join the party because she feels that her husband is becoming unstable and might harm her. Meanwhile, the rest of the guests, particularly Norma begin to believe the house may actually be haunted, and that the rest of the guests may not be what they seem. It is a simple story, full of effects that were quite startling for the time, and anchored by the incomparable Vincent Price. The finally in which a skeleton rises from a vat of acid to torment a new victim is a great spectacle, and thanks to Director William Castle’s love of Theater gimmicks, was even better in the Cinemas. Castle had a knack for attaching special tricks to his films to enhance the thrill of the Audience. House on Haunted Hill was promoted as being filmed in a revolutionary new technology called “Emerg-O”, and during screenings, a skeleton would “float” over the audience, via wires during the finale of the film. How fucking cool would it be if studio execs still put that kind of care and effort into ensuring we enjoy the film experience? Oh well, at least the poster is still one of the coolest of all time.


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