#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 31

Oct 31: Halloween III: Season Of The Witch(1982): http://youtu.be/RkN1Oh-RLBU


Since just about everyone watches Halloween on the 31st, I figure that Michael Myers is getting all the love he deserves. Also, I feel that part 3, Season of the witch did not get a fair shake when it was released. Speaking from my own experience, for years i hated this film, simply because it was the Halloween that had nothing to do with Michael Myers. I felt cheated, and i knew plenty of other Fright Fans felt the same way. After the release of Halloween II, producers John Carpenter and Deborah Hill wanted to turn the franchise into an Anthology series, where each year a new Season-Themed sequel would be released. According to the director, Tommy Lee Wallace, “there are enough stories in All Hallows Eve that you could go on for years and years and years doing fresh ideas and stories about this phenomenon and this was supposed to be the first in a long series”, however poor box-office and critical reception registered the experiment as a flop, and the next installment saw the return of Michael Myers.

The story follows Dr. Challis, who is investigating the strange death of Harry Grimbridge, a man who was admitted to his care late one night. The man is babbling, saying “They’re gonna kill us all”, and is clutching a Silver Shamrock brand Halloween mask. The very same kind of mask that seem to be all the rage this year, and have catchy commercials airing round the clock.


After teaming up with Grimbridge’s daughter, Ellie, they both track Harry’s movements over the last few days of his life, and learn that something must have happened when he traveled to Santa Mira, to the Silver Shamrock factory. Also, a news report states that a large stone column from Stone Henge has vanished without a trace(remember that, kids). Travelling to the Silver Shamrock factory, Challis and Ellie find the town to be very odd, complete with curfew, and video monitoring, all controlled by the mysterious Conal Cochran. Jumping ahead a ways, we learn that Cochoran is a great big Irish bastard!

He has stolen a stone from Stone Henge, presumably using ancient Druid magic to get it to his factory, and is putting fragments of the stone into chips attached to all his Silver Shamrock masks. These chips will be activated when within range of a signal transmitted through tvs to all the children who are wearing the masks, melting their heads, and unleashing a plague of insects and snakes to kill everyone else within range.


Why would anyone want to do this? Because, FUCK EM, THAT’S WHY! Well, actually it’s because Cochoran is apparently a centuries old Druid who has been tipped off by the alignment of the planets, that the time is right for the return of Samhain, and to usher in that change with a massive sacrifice.  Is it a brilliant concept? Of course not, but it’s still a pretty original idea, and manages to make for a fun film. Particularly funny is a shot of men in lab coats, chiseling pieces off the Stone Henge Column, while another lab-coated man watches from behind, glancing up and down from his clip-board as he takes notes. What the fuck is he supervising here? What could possibly be noteworthy?

Not only does the film have it’s own unique score provided by Carpenter, but it has a built in drinking game. Throughout the film, several references are made to the original Halloween film, some are subtle, some are painfully obvious. Drink when you spot em.  *hint, look (and listen) very closely*

Had this film been released without the Halloween moniker, simply as “Season Of The Witch”, it would have been judged on it’s own merits, rather than being known as the “bullshit Halloween Sequel”, but nonetheless, thanks to DVD and Blu Ray, it has found it’s audience. I, for one, would like to see the Anthology idea given another run, but to keep fans appeased, keep the film more closely tied together. Have them all take place within the same world as MIchael Myers, have minor characters appear or be mentioned in multiple films, make Smiths Grove Sanitarium a common location… could work!

Well, it’s been a slice, creeps! I hope your 31 days of Horror were as fun as mine. See ya next year!


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