Lust and Lycanthropes


Please take two minutes to watch the trailer :

Now there should be no doubt about what the movie is, and for the most part, exactly what happens in it. This film is 100% exploitation from start to finish. I don’t think more than 5 mins go by without a violent act or sex act is shown in graphic sleazy detail. 

The film opens with a young couple camping somewhere in Mexico, when they are attacked by one of the worst looking Werewolves I have ever fucking seen. It seriously has red LED lights for eyes. Luckily, they are able to make use of a bottle of Vodka with real silver flakes in it, a flaming log, and a terrible CGI cliff to kill the werewolf…but not before Sarah is bitten and Jack is killed.

Sarah is taken to a sleazy jail in Campuna, with no trial or even a formal arrest. Her pleas to speak to the American Embassy are rebuffed by Rita, a perverted Latina Dominatrix who is the right hand man of the Warden, Juan. Both use the girls in the prison to run seedy porn sites, prostitution ventures, and other exploitative endeavors. It is here that the nudity quota skyrockets, and we are treated to porn music that accompanies the “Lesbi-rotic” scenes.


The acting is terrible! All too often, the actresses have zero change in their facial expressions, whether they are getting groped, or torn to bloody shreds. Even worse, they deliver atrocious dialogue as if they are reading the line for the very first time. “You’ve got the Devil n you so I’ll kill Satan’s mistress”. Not kidding. Someone actually says that. The film is embarrassingly bad from start to finish, and even has the nerve to rip off An American Werewolf In London ( you’ll know it when you see it). As much as this movie fails on virtually every level possible, I still love it for it’s over the top sex and violence. I rank this film firmly in the same category as Troll 2, Sharknado, and a host of other shitty gems, as films that are so bad they are good…and the badder they get…the BETTER they get!

Yes, I know “badder” isn’t a real word, but it made a better closing line. Fuck you.


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