Underground Terror In The Land Downunder



The full film: http://youtu.be/wVQrozMTWlY

The Tunnel(2011) is a found footage film that is noted for it’s strategy.  In addition to its conventional modes of release, including a limited Australian theatrical release, screenings on Showtime Australia, and an Australian and New Zealand DVD release through Paramount Australia and Transmission Films, also released in North America in the theater and DVD by Blackrock Films, the film has garnered much attention for its unconventional release through Bit Torrent. Even the YouTube file I posted above states “This movie was meant to be free for everyone.” So in the spirit of this, please share this film with those you know.

The Tunnel is a found footage film about a young news reporter who is chasing a mysterious story, leading her, and a small film crew, into the abandoned tunnels beneath Sydney. As they explore the eerie catacombs, they gradually begin to suspect they are not alone, and what’s worse, they are surrounded in total darkness. often with found footage films one has to ask: “Why the fuck are they still filming?”. Here we see one of the most plausible reasons i’ve seen yet, in that they can only see by using the night vision setting on the camera. I really want to avoid giving any spoilers, since there is a fucking link to the full film just above… but also because this film is really worth taking a look for yourself. The setting is beautifully creepy and claustrophobic. You can feel the grime of the un-used tunnels as the crew winds their way through the labyrinth. In an environment made of Concrete and Steel, sound will play trick on you. Is that a shuffling sound from the next tunnel? or is it just the echo of our own footsteps? Anyone who has ever summoned their courage and ventured into a spooky location, be it the local haunted house, abandoned sewers, a graveyard, or even your own basement, knows the irrational terror that the experience can bring. But down in The Tunnel, the terror is real…and it’s creeping up to you in the dark.


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