We’re going to the Grindhouse, and you’re riding SHOTGUN!


Before i get too far into this, I feel i need to say that this is quite possibly one of my favorite films EVER! Not only have a seen the film many many times and surely many more to come, but i make sure as many people as possible watch it as well. In fact, I’m reasonably sure i barged in on two friends who had JUST finished having sex, popped the dvd in, and made them watch. Fun times.




Prior to the release of the Rodriguez/Tarantino helmed Grindhouse double feature, word had spread that several “Fake Trailers” would be created for exploitation films that did not exist. Producers also opened a contest for fans to submit their own “Fake Trailer”, with the winning entry being tacked on to select screenings of Grindhouse. Emerging triumphant was a gritty, low-fi entry entiltled Hobo With A Shotgun, directed by Jason Eisner from Dartmouth Nova Scotia. For anyone who hasn’t seen the original… http://youtu.be/1LlazPgxKrA

After gaining a buzz and some backers, production began on a full length feature. Oh yeah…RUTGER HAUER agreed to play the Hobo with fantastic results! After arriving in Hope Town via riding the rails, the Hobo quickly learns why the locals call it Scum Town. Scum Town is controlled by a violent psychopath named The Drake, and his two sadistic sons, Slick and Ivan. Everywhere he looks, the Hobo sees violence, and chaos. Confessing “People don’t go wrong like they do here”, eventually the Hobo can stand it no longer and gets himself a shotgun. He sets out on a mission to clean up the streets and deliver justice…one shell at a time!!!


Aside from the absolutely awesome senseless violence and copious amounts of blood, this film can boast a few genuinely sweet moments. The Hobo befriends a hooker named Abbey who ends up being an amazingly strong character.  The Hobo seems to suffer from some degree of mental illness, and after being shown kindness by Abbey, he deduces that Abbey should be a school teacher to “teach people about beautiful things, and miracles”.  Not wanting to beg for change, and desiring a chance to make an honest living for himself, the Hobo desires to buy a second hand lawnmover and start his own lawnmowing service with Abbey joining him. Most of the sweet moments are depicting the characters covered in blood, so it doesn’t let you stray too far away from the point.


Where the film truly excells is its insane dialogue. With lines such as “Well you better cut one to Mother Theresa, so you can give it to her while she’s finger-banging you in Hell!”, and “WOOOOOO! It’s a beautiful day for a SKATE RAPE!”, you can see why the villains of this film wind up stealing the show and adding hilarity at every turn.  Insanity, strange lighting, Canucksploitation, and rampant violence drip from every frame. Setting the film in the 80s was absolutely the right move as it adds a fantastic bloody authenticity to the film. And who can forget…THE PLAGUE!!!



The Plague is a mysterious hit squad used by the Drake. Not much is revealed about them, other than how incredibly badass they are…but their appearance gave me an idea… Since the finale sees the Hobo gunned down by police, the credits roll with us assuming he has died…but what if The Plague take him? What if they make…ROBO-HOBO?!? After what we’ve seen so far, would that really be much of a stretch? That is a sequel i eagerly await…but won’t be holding my breath for.




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