Casting Couch Carnage


Special Thanks to my dear fiend Cary Hutchison for lending me this DVD. 

Leave it to Takashi Miike to start something out as a potentially sweet story and turn it into something dark, seedy and unsettling.

 Arigato Takashi-San…Arigato!

Shigeharu Aoyama is a middle aged Widower who decides to get back into the dating pool in a unique way. He and his friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa stage an Audition for a film role, but actually use it as an opportunity to scope out young talented Japanese girls. Sure enough he finds an Angel-Voiced Asami Yamazaki who stands out because of her “Emotional Depth” and starts dating her. Now, anyone who stands out based on their Emotional Depth has to be a complete psychopath…and Asami doesn’t disappoint.  Feeling uneasy about the situation, Yoshikawa begins checking the girls references, finding them all to be dead ends. Ignoring this, Aoyama continues seeing Asami. She lives alone in a dilapidated flat, with an ominous sack laying in the middle of the floor. She sits patiently for days on end waiting for the phone to ring, and when it does, a sinister smile creeps across her face. Image

The film takes several bizarre turns that  must have been done for the sake of artistic license, but can come across as confusing. Stick through it and you will be rewarded with an unintentionally funny yet sadistic finale. In Audition we see the twisted genius of Miike on display for all to see. A Surrealist Sadistic portrait of modern dating, sexual frustration, and wanting to be loved. Have you ever been smitten with someone despite every instinct telling you to run fast and far? If so, this film is for you! 

…This film is also for you if you like seeing sadistic torture punctuated by adorably cute dialogue. 


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