This one time, at Bible Camp…


“Jesus probly had a big penis, so I think it would only be Christian of us to have sex with guys with penises like Jesus.”

This is the actual opening line for the film, recited by a couple of idiotic sluts who I assume are supposed to be in their late teens, but look much closer to 30. This is EXACTLY the kind of ridiculousness you can expect over the next 90 mins. BBBC is yet another 80s slasher throwback that will never be accused of taking itself the least bit serious. The plot concerns a pastor taking a group of 80s rehash cliches to a weekend at the Happy Day Bible Camp, only to be warned by a local yokel that it is famously known as the Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and was the site of a rampage by a crazy Nun in a Devil mask named Sister Mary Chopper. Naturally, these warnings fall on deaf ears and…I bet you can literally guess EVERY detail of the plot that follows. It makes use of every cliche and stereotype possible…and I love it!


For as simplistic as the film is, it’s surprisingly well thought out and makes great use of limited sets and what I assume is a very limited budget. While each character is a blatant cliche, each is played well enough that we never have to ask ourselves what their deal is. They are easily identifiable, because we’ve seen them in countless other films before. Why waste time on character development when there are Gore-gags and sex jokes to get to?


And there are PLENTY of both. Naturally since there is a priest, there are going g to be many many jokes about priests getting frisky with young boys. I can’t help but wonder though…you hear an awful lot about Priests fucking young boys…but you don’t seem to hear much about them fucking young girls. Is it just that it doesn’t happen? I would think young girls would be better than young boys…because if you want, you can flip them over and pretend they are young boys…holy shit this got off track… Uh…GORE!


This is never going to be called a “good” film, but that doesn’t stop it from being an AWESOME film! I love that the market is seemingly flooded with films like this. Fun films made BY Horror fans, FOR Horror fans. I will likely watch this one again and again for years to come, and I urge you all to check it out as well.

…Oh yeah, I almost forgot…A GIRL GETS BUTTFUCKED WITH A CRUCIFIX!!!!

Till next time, creeps!


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