Rad Moon Rising


It’s very rare when merely the title and poster for a film can sell it so effectively. Especially in this day and age. What is Wolfcop about? It’s about a Wolfcop. Nuff said. This little slice of exploitation heaven keeps things simple and it’s paid off in spades!

The story of how Wolfcop came to be is rather unique. Director Lowell Dean entered the very first Cinecoupe Fastrack contest. After beating out 9 other entries, Cinnecoup amped up Dean’s budget, and a guaranteed release in Cineplex theaters across Canada. Most independent films never get theatrical release, and if they do, it is often through smaller cinemas in select markets. To see a film come from such humble beginnings and receive national attention is incredible.


Cast and crew knew they had to make the most of their opportunity, so to build hype for the June release, they hit the festival and convention circuits hard! Before the June 6th premier, Wolfcop already had legions of fans, and thanks to the support of investors drummed up at festivals, a sequel has already been greenlit. Words can’t express how impressed I am with how this film has been promoted. I was given a limited edition Wolfcop comic while standing in line, and Wolfcop himself is a sexy centerfold in this months Rue Morgue magazine!


But how was the film? I’m pretty sure I fell in love with this film long before I saw it, so trying to be objective is a bit difficult. I put this one right up against Hobo With A Shotgun as two of the best films in the last five years that deliver an insanely good time. Wolfcop makes good on all the madness suggested by it’s title, yet manages to be more than just an 80’s tinged exploitation romp. Surprisingly, it works rather well as a straight up Cop-flick. Leo Fafard(our Wolfcop, Lou Garou), Jonathan Cherry(conspiracy nut/sidekick Willie), Sara Lind (sultry barmaid Jessica) and Amy Matysio (Hardworking cop Tina) each turn in solid performances that somehow make such a ridiculous premise seem natural and believable by perfectly balancing the dramatic and the silliness.

This is a clever, fun, charming, and most of all BADASS film! A perfect blend of practical creature effects, gore, action, the occult, intrigue, humor, werewolf jokes, and marketability. Praise be to Wolfcop, our new Cult Movie Hero! 

Yes, I know I told you next to nothing about the plot…Just go see it, or you will never forgive yourself!

9.5 out of 10 Drunken Werewolves!


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