Brief Bloodletting: “No Pets Allowed”



Yes, my lovely creeps…This is the Birth of another series of articles here in The Haunt. I’ve been meaning to get around to this for some time, as I’ve received several short film submissions by a great number of generous film-makers. I’m genuinely disappointed in myself at the lack of content generated lately, and am taking steps to change that. We begin with Vancouver-made short directed by Nadine L’Esperance.

No Pets allowed is a fucked up little slice of  joy, establishing a creepy atmosphere, washing it down with gore, and never afraid to season with cheese and sleaze. It’s like if a John Waters film had a bastard love child with 80’s era shot on VHS gorefests (think Cannibal Campout)…and the kid is into Punk Rock! Our story begins with a sweet-faced young Rebecca who is traumatized after witnessing the cruel and brutal fashion in which her Father disposes of the pets she brings home. Fast forward a few years, a grown Rebecca(Holy balls, has she GROWN!), now played by Samantha Mack, still loves her pets…but now she keeps some very unusual creatures. I won’t spoil the film for you, as I encourage everyone keep an eye out for it and see it for yourself.


Real Vancouver Punks, over the top gore, Grainy video effects as well as a creepy and rad synth score all ad to the charm of this feature . The two biggest standouts are concerning Rebecca…no…not THOSE two…yes, Samantha Mack has large and fantastic Ta-Tas…let’s move on! The duel portrayal of  Rebecca stood out to me quite a lot.  As a child, Rebecca has a haunting look in her eyes. Young Rebecca (played by the Directors Daughter) makes us believe that a dark seed has been planted deep within her, and we just know that seed will grow into something frightening. Such a strong performance from such a young Actress, and pulling it off with such little screentime, shows a world of future potential. On the flip side, Mack’s portrayal of the adult Rebecca is alluring and foreboding all at once. She is sexy and dangerous, and she makes no effort to hide this. This time her eyes show the wild twinkle of a woman reveling in her madness. You want her. You KNOW she is going to be trouble…but you a don’t care. And that is exactly what she has been counting on. The best part is that at every turn, we can can see it clear as day on her face…She truly enjoys the horrible things she does.

I really liked this short. It has virtually all the elements I enjoy in a film, and my only gripe is that i wish it was a full length feature. Maybe it’s better to leave the audience wanting more? Either way, keep your eyes peeled for screenings (like the film page on Facebook to get updates), because No Pets Allowed is very worthy of your time. Whether you are interested in a glimpse at how the spoiling of childhood innocence can lead one down a dark and twisted path later in life, or if you would just rather see a Bloodletting-Beauty carve up victems, this is a short that has got you covered.