#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 1

Spookies poster

Jesus H. Dominican Republic… The fuck did I just watch? Ever since I was a wee lad browsing the VHS aisles not even able to read, let alone rent the damn things, this film or more specifically, the box art stood out to me. Only now am I seeing it for the first time. What a fucking bent way to start this years #31DaysOfHorror.

So, the film starts off with some little shit named Billy, who is pissed that his parents forgot his 13th birthday, so he decides to run away into the woods, talk to shady drifters, and enter deserted mansions as he pleases. As you can probably tell, I fucking hate Billy. No real reason why…just fuck that annoying little snot. Anyway, Billy enters this mysterious mansion in the woods, and finds it decorated for a birthday party. He opens a present only to discover a severed head is inside. Billy then loses his shit, powders out of there, and is then attacked by some weird creature with a hook hand. Damn thing makes noises kind of like a cat, and looks like fucking Nightcrawler from the X – Men. He catches Billy and throws him in a shallow grave, slowly covering the lazy little shit with soil until Billy is buried alive. Good riddance!


Shortly after, an odd grouping of young and older folks comes out to the mansion to party. Why this mansion? What is their relation to each other? No clue. It’s never addressed, all we know is each insufferably annoying. Also, a sorcerer named Kreon lives there, and needs to sacrifice the group to somehow aid him in preserving the youth of his reluctant Bride. He unleashes all manner of supernatural creatures to dispatch the group, including reptile demons, giant spiders, an electrified tentacle thingy, a witch-ish puppet thing…a pretty sweet looking Grim Reaper, Zombies and…did those Mud-Men just fucking fart?


…Why are they constantly farting? What fucking purpose does this serve? The creature effects have been pretty decent overall, nothing ground breaking by any stretch…but making the Mud-Men fart…I really don’t know what to make of it. That seems an appropriate reaction to the film. The whole affair feels disjointed and oddly edited. It’s a confusing affair…then I did some research.

It seems that Spookies began under the title Twisted Souls. Part way through production, there was some kind of dispute between the financial backers and the Directors, resulting in funding being pulled before post-production could be completed. All the footage concerning the partyers in the mansion, and all the creatures they encounter directly was directed by Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran. After Legal and creative disputes, Financiers hired Eugenie Joseph to direct more footage which was pieced together with the footage from Twisted Souls, creating Spookies. The added footage by Joseph, with an entirely different cast, includes all the footage of the boy looking for his birthday party; Drifter; Cat-man-Nightcrawler; old, withered magician; girl in coffin; zombies; witch in basement/cave; and the little blue boy. It’s a fucking mess. It’s the kind of story I would expect from one of the Video Nasty films (eerily similar to what I discussed with Cannibal Terror).


So, that is Spookies! You truly need to see it for yourself to appreciate how random and unfocused it is. When you do (because I always assume that you Creeps just blindly follow my advice), You’ll see that as I mentioned before, you’ll see the FX are really pretty decent, and even more impressive given the turmoil on set and lack of proper budget allocation. It’s a fun, weird slice of 80s horror muck, and I’m glad I sat through it. I will say though…I feel a little let down that not once did these fantastic tits get let out to play!


Call me a misogynist if you like, but I’m pretty sure those were the only reason she got the job in the first place, because it certainly wasn’t her acting chops.


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