#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 2


Anthology movies have a real Hit-or-Miss history. Such gems as Bodybags, Tales From The Darkside, and Creepshow often are overshadowed by shit-shows like Creepshow 3, Tales From The Hood, and The Basement. The ABCs of Death seeks to re-write all our expectations of Anthology film-making with a very ambitious approach. 26 different Directors, 26 segments, 1 extremely fun ride. I’ve already reviewed this film in another section (https://doctorhavok.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/now-i-know-my-abcs/), so I wont go too far in re-treading what I’ve already discussed. If you’ve enjoyed this film, you can find several fan entries on Youtube that you may find interesting, and ABCs of Death 2 is now available via VOD and will be in theaters by Months end.

Some of the segments, much like the format itself, are Hit-and-Miss. B is for Bigfoot seemed to me a wasted opportunity, or a real stretch to make an idea fit. K is for Klutz was the sort of thing that likely would make me laugh if it were used in any other context, but seemed out of place in this collection. I is for Ingrown just felt flat to me. The whole experience reminds me of watching a short film festival, in that there is no frame piece from segment to segment. I is for Ingrown is like the well-made artsy entry that nobody really likes, but you don’t hate it either. It’s just kind of… There.

On the flipside, the Hits just keep coming! H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion is a unique and hilarious entry sure to cause wet-dreams for Furries everywhere. D is for Dogfight is cringe-inducing, but beautifully shot and framed. W is for WTF and Z is for Zetsumetsu are my personal favorite entries simply because both are totally fucking warped and totally fun. If you haven’t already treated yourself to this film, please do so as soon as possible, and keep your eyes peeled for volume 2!


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