#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 4


Here Comes The Devil was directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano, and begins with two women scissoring each other. No buffering shot, just straight ahead going at it. Afterwards, the women are attacked by a Serial Killer who escapes into the nearby hills and commences to a whole lot of huffin and puffin. We never really learn what that was about, but the encounter is loosely mentioned again to tie events together. Don’t worry…Lesbian Scissor Sex won’t be the last bit of gratuitous sex or nudity we see.


The main story concerns a young couple on holiday with their preteen children. The kids go off to explore in the hills (the same ones from earlier), leaving the parents to fuck around in the car. Hours pass by and the children have not returned. The next day the children are returned by Police, but their behavior is strange. This leaves the parents searching for answers about what happened to their children while they were lost, as each clue leads them to more frightening conclusions.


What I admire most about this film is there is rarely a firm line drawn. Are we seeing children traumatized after a possible rape? How much truth is there to the stories of the hills being a cursed place? Have the children turned to incest in the wake of a traumatic ordeal? Is there something more diabolical at work? It’s all up for debate until the final act. One of the most intense scenes concerns the parents suspicions about a man who may have seen the children on the hill, and the lengths to which parents will go when they believe someone has hurt their children…no spoilers, but this is definetly worth a watch. As much as I enjoyed the story, acting, and pacing, my biggest tip of the hat goes to the production/cinematography. For some reason I had it in my head this was a Found Footage film, and I thank Penis Satan(Google it if you aren’t from Vancouver) that this was shot in a conventional style. It just wouldn’t have worked any other way. Keep your eyes peeled for anything else by the Director, because I’ll certainly be doing the same!



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