#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 5


Alexandre Aja is certainly known for some diverse and varied works. Films such as Haute Tension, the Hills Have Eyes(06), Mirrors, Piranha 3D, and the 2012 remake of Maniac have managed to grab the attention of audiences and leave us clamouring for what comes next. I had been aware of Horns for quite some time and really didn’t know what to expect, but knew with Aja at the helm, I couldn’t justify missing it. While not strictly a Horror Film, This Dark Fantasy delivered on ALL levels!


The story concerns a young man named Ig (Daniel Radcliffe, sporting an American Accent) who is blamed for the rape and murder of his Girlfriend Merrin(the absolutely gorgeous Juno Temple). One morning Ig wakes up to find two Devilish Horns sprouting from his forehead, and finds that the horns compel people to reveal their deepest secrets to him. After the prerequisite freaking out over the situation, Ig uses his new abilities to find Merrins real killer, the more he embraces his powers, the more devilish he becomes.


Radcliffe did an excellent job in this role. Which shouldn’t be surprising, as we’ve been seeing him talk to snakes and fall for sexy Ginger Girls for years. He is able to add the proper emotional weight to the role, bringing heartbreak, rage, loneliness, and mirth to the role in perfect balance. When you get right down to it, its a bit of a silly role which lends itself to some silly situations, but it all feels natural. The scenes with Radcliffe and Temple are especially well done as they perfectly illustrate the love shared between Ig and Merrin. I was totally surprised at the emotional range and depth of this film…But not as surprised as I was about the Full Blown Demon Radcliffe!


Horns protruding proudly from his brow, and flesh burned as if from infernal fires within himself. You can even see small embers drifting off him. He literally smolders! As unconventional as the film may be, I found every aspect to be handled perfectly. I encourage everyone to check this out, but to keep an open mind. Don’t go looking for scares or frights.


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