#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 6


You’ve seen this film. I’ve seen this film. We’ve all seen this film. Fuck sakes, this is the third time I’m reviewing it for #31DaysOfHorror( https://doctorhavok.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/31daysofhorror-oct-26th/ seeming to be the best example) . Thats to say nothing for how many times I watch this during the year. It’s iconic, awesome, and required viewing for all my Creeps. You may ask yourselves what more could I say about the film that I haven’t already said? Still a fair bit, it would seem.


I’ve written previously about how ROTLD is the bastard sequel to Night Of The Living Dead, and is the result of a legal dispute between George Romero and John Russo. Originally ROTLD was supposed to be a more serious story featuring Zombie Cults. The story continues after NOTLD, and apparently the Zombie Apocalypse hadn’t ended, and as such had severe ramifications on religion. I think this is a pretty cool idea, and something I’ve wondered about myself. Pretty much every religion and cult has its own interpretation about what happens when you die and it’s only natural to assume that the recently dead starting to rise from the grave would change a few things. The more I think about it, the more I hope this plot gets made sometime in the future. Once a script was settled on and production got under way there was still much turmoil and change on the set, sometimes on a day-to-day basis. FX artist William Munns was removed from the production after fucking up the punk hairstyles of the actors, turning in a horrible looking “Headless Yellow Cadaver” and an unsatisfactory corpse seen in the iconic “do Ya Wanna Party” shot. While crafting the yellow cadaver, the script called for the corpse to get up and run around with its head cut off, which naturally would require a live actor. The first treatment brought to the set by Munns was a horrible rubber suit built from Dental Dams and foam to build up the actors shoulders and hide the head. I’ve seen pictures of it. It’s fucking pathetic. Community theater wouldn’t even use it. The final straw for Munns occurred when his interpretation of the “Party” corpse was a pristine skeleton with no connective tissue, muscles or ligaments, yet still somehow with healthy eyes in it’s sockets. He was turfed, and after hearing stories of how Dad O’Bannon behaved, I assume the turfing was not gentle. Various cast and crew have said that Dan “was not one for social graces”, or that he could be hard to work with. It seems one of the producers had adamantly insisted that his wife and kids be given small roles in the film. O’Bannon, not being one to handle bullshit well when there is a film to make, resisted this request for quite sometime, until he relented just to shut the producer up. He had the Wife and children show up for a 5am calltime and had the Make-up and wardrobe folks put them in the itchiest, most uncomfortable Make-up and costumes they possibly could. The family then were made to sit around all day on the rainy set waiting for their scene to be shot, then when shooting wrapped for the day late at night, miraculously O’Bannon somehow hadn’t gotten around to shooting their scene! When told the calltime was the same the next day, the family didn’t show up, and the matter was dropped. O’Bannon for the win!


This is just the tip of the Iceberg. There are tons of other cool stories about the production of this film. Google it, talk to Horror nerds, or just watch More Brains! A Return Of The Living Dead Documentary. Wait…why the hell didn’t I just review the documentary instead? God fucking dammit!




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