#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 11


If Tobe Hooper was asked to do a remake of the Breakfast Club, he would have made All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. In actuality the film was directed by Jonathan Levine. This film caught my attention years ago after drumming up major buzz on the festival circuit in 2006. Unfortunately the buzz fizzled out after the U.S. distributor for the film went bankrupt shortly after purchasing them from the Weinstein Company. After 7 years in limbo, the rights were re-acquired by the Weinstein’s, and here we are today. Was it worth a 7 year wait?


Honestly, there aren’t many films that could be worth that kind of hype or wait. Its not that the film is bad, or that I don’t like it. Its quite the opposite, but somehow I guess I was expecting more. The film centers around *gasp* Mandy Lane(played by Amber Heard), a former misfit who suddenly got hot over the summer, and now all the boys want to fuck her. After being invited to a weekend party by the cool kids, Mandy attends in hopes of expanding her social circle while the boys hope to expand her vaginal cavity. As is the custom with teens partying away from the safety of adult supervision, a killer is stalking them and picks them off, etc, etc…


Its all pretty predictable, and if you’re like me you’ll see the twist coming a mile away. Where the film really succeeds is its casting and Directing. Each of the teens, even the annoying ones are strangely enduring, especially as the Horror ramps up. There is a certain look to the film that makes me think of Grindhouse Filth polished into a Mainstream shine (Tobe Hooper remaking the Breakfast Club! Watch the film and you’ll see what I mean!) Each archetype was easily identifiable, yet restrained enough to never enter eye-rolling territory. The story never drags on longer than it should, and the violence has the appropriate emotional response. A personal highlight for me is when the Brunette gets the barrel of a shotgun shoved down her throat mere moments after giving her boyfriend head. At the end of the day, I’m not sure what more I was expecting. This is a fun, well made slasher film. All it needs to do is punish teenagers who dare to have a good time.


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