#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 12


“All right Booger-lips, it’s time for Troll Squish-Kebob!”

If you’ve ever seen an Ernest movie, you know the kind of daffy bullshit to expect here. By no means do I consider this a Horror film, or even a GOOD film for that matter. It is however a Nostalgic Halloween staple at the Havok Hideout. My parents gave me a pirated VHS copy (they probably refused to pay money for Ernest, totally understandable) and I watched that thing over and over again, countless times, regardless of the season. I guess I identified with the kids, Kenny and Elizabeth (Fuck Joey! I always hated that little shit! ), two kids who just love Halloween.


Decades earlier, Trantor the Troll was terrorizing Briarville Missouri. Abducting children to use their souls to resurrect his wicked race, before being stopped by the reverend Phineas Worrell, who manages to stop the Troll and entomb him beneath an oak tree. As he’s being buried, Trantor prophesizes that one day a descendant of Worrell will release him. This is easily the heaviest plot ever found in an Ernest movie, but fear not, we’re jumping forward to idiocy right quick.


After building a treehouse with Kenny and Elizabeth, Ernest let’s loose the troll to wreak Havoc on Briarville once more. Naturally, it’s up to Ernest and the kids to stop the Troll along with the help of local crazy, Old Lady Hackmore (Eartha Kitt). The plot is very kid-friendly, and Ernest’s antics are bordering on the cartoonish…but goddamn it this movie is fun. I’ll post a link to the full film below, so you too, can take a journey down guilty pleasure road.



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