#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 13


Jason Voorhees is my favorite monster. There, I said it! And y’know what? I’m not the least bit sorry!  I freely acknowledge that several(some would say all) films in the Friday the 13th series are pretty hokey, but I love them anyway. Maybe I can relate to Jason, the shy kid who was picked on for being different only to grow up big and strong and capable of removing heads from bodies. Maybe its that I saw most of the franchise during a particularly awesome summer of my youth and feel a connection to those special times. Realistically, it doesn’t matter to me why…just that I never get tired of these films, and Friday the 13th part 6 is one of my favorites!


Subtitled “Jason Lives”, this is the film where Jason rises from the grave after being killed by Tommy Jarvis in Part 4.  Part 5 was intended to be the start of a new direction for the franchise, but things just never seemed to work out, so producers decided Jason would live again! I’ll discuss this 3 film arc in greater detail in the much delayed part 2 of Return to Crystal Lake(part 1 found here: https://doctorhavok.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/return-to-crystal-lake-the-legend-of-jason-voorhees-pt-1/ ). This time around, producers embraced the fact that movie-goers had for better or worse, effectively embraced Jason Voorhees as the Machete weilding anti-hero of the franchise. By no means is he performing heroic deeds, he’s still up to his usual brand of slaughter, but now it’s being carried out with more black humor and style. Audiences didn’t want to see teens escape their grisly deaths, they want to see Jason kill them in increasingly violent and inventive ways. Check out the James Bond homage in the title shot. It’s clear who audiences were rooting for.


This is also the film that debuted the iconic “Zombie-Jason”. An unstoppable, partially decayed corpse, somehow reanimated to cave in your fucking skull with an Axe! The reanimation scene in the cemetery calls to mind elements of classic Gothic films of yesteryear. It doesn’t take a genius to spot the Frankenstein similarities. As with so many films, cuts demanded by the MPAA have greatly cut down on the bloody fun that COULD have been contained in this film, but it’s still a fun ride full of lots of laughs, subtle fourth wall jokes, 80s cliches, and wonderful bloody Murder!


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