#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 24


ABCS OF DEATH 2 Red Band Trailer: http://youtu.be/w9eP4GEXM1w

Well, if you’ve been following my #31DaysOfHorror religiously (and I assume you all are), then you no doubt read my review of the ABCs of Death ( http://wp.me/p3tjV6-LD) and have been waiting with baited breathe for the sequel. Well, not only did I beat you creeps to the punch by watching it on VOD the day it was available, but I caught the BC premier at the Rio theater. I decided to give my dear readers a chance to see it for themselves before I reviewed it…so the delay in posting this is solely because I wanted my dear readers to have a chance to see it first…and has nothing g to do with the fact I’ve been lazy in doing my write ups…yeah.


W is for Win! Well, actually W is for Wish, a fantastic segment directed by Steve Kostanski. But this sequel is a win! Almost to a T(…is for Torture Porn, my personal favorite segment directed by Vancouver Horror Darlings, Jen and Sylvia Soska), Horror sequels are a poor crop at best. Here we see that trend broken just as the first film bucked the trend of hit or miss Anthology films. The feel of the film still reminds me of a short film fest, but the biggest difference is that each segment comes off very well. Even the weakest segments stand up better than most of the segments from part 1.


To recap each segment would again, be madness. Some of the highlights, aside from the gems mentioned above are C is for Capital Punishment, J is for Jesus, M is for Masticate, O is for Ochlocracy, S is for split, and Z is for Zygote. There’s no point in trying to talk each segment up, because this film needs to be seen for yourself. 26 all new Directors, 26 all new segments. The bar has been raised once again and I can’t wait for the (hopefully) inevitable third installment of this franchise full of wildly inventive ideas, unbridled ambition, and balls-out insanity.


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