#31DaysOfHorror: Oct 27


Straight from the Grindhouse cinemas of 42nd street! This film is easily one of the most infamous to make it’s way onto the Video Nasties list. Audacious full page adds showing the bloody image of a screaming victim getting drilled in the head were one of the main causes of outrage amongst stuffy Brits. I’ll save the really in depth examination and history for the Let’s Get Nasty write up.


This film is understandably pretty low on plot and high of sleaze and gore. It can pretty much be summed up as “Creepy looking New York Dirt bag artist can’t pay his rent or bills, and is annoyed by Punk Rock music, so he starts mutilating the homeless with a powerdrill”. Directed and starred by Abel Ferrara, The Driller Killer is a film that perfectly exemplifies the feel and atmosphere of the Grindhouse era. Everything, especially the main character looks sickly and dirty. The Gore is really the only reason to watch the film, and holy fuck, it doesn’t get much more gory than boring a hole in someone’s fucking head!


This is a film to watch when you just want something violent and sleazy to play in the background, or if you decide that watching and reviewing the 72 most infamous exploitation films of all time seems like a good idea. Don’t watch this movie unless you want something unnecessarily violent, exploitative, sexist and idiotic. And since I know that ALL of you want to watch something like that, I’m posting a link to the full film below.


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