American Mary, Canadian Love *spoilers inside*



I’ve tried to start this review several times, but keep starting over. This movie is far too unique to be easily described. There is just so much to appreciate. It is the latest film from the Soska sisters, who’s previous film “Dead Hooker in a Trunk” I am a big fan of, and shows a HUGE creative leap forward for the twins. It stars the always sexy and fantastic Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, Freddy vs Jason), who once again demonstrates her talents and proves why she is my perverted fantasy Queen. The story is anything but typical, and is easily the best film I have seen so far this year, Horror or otherwise.

The story concerns a young and beautiful student named Mary, who is studying to be a surgeon, with a bright future ahead of her. Money trouble leads her by chance into the dark realm of underground surgery, which after a traumatic rape by her professor leads to the extreme body modification world. We see the evolution of Mary from a promising student, to sympathetic character, to victim, to tormentor, to somewhat a villain. All the while, we retain full sympathy and empathy for the character. Even when she is performing terrible and gory acts, somehow they seem justified. There are several other films that use a rape/revenge angle and depict a victim becoming the tormentor, but rarely does this extend beyond taking revenge on those who have wronged the subject. Mary continues her downward spiral, and seems quite comfortable in her new crazy boots. Watching the evolution of the character, it’s almost like we can see the light in her eyes dim to shadows.

One scene in particular stood out to me. It occurs just moments after Mary has killed two men, and used the help of Lance, an intimidating Strip Club Bouncer to cover it up. Lance relates to Mary the story of how his own mother had died violently, and how much he wished for a fitting revenge. He tells her that what she does has value, and the world needs someone to do the things that she has been doing. Then he gives her a chocolate milkshake. She takes a drink as she contemplates what he says, then it’s like a shadow lifts from her. For a brief moment, we see that familiar light return to her eyes. From a creative and technical standpoint, I found this film utterly beautiful, but it is on the strength of the portrayal of the characters that this film really shines. It’s a Beautiful film, that just so happens to be soaked in blood.

Check Your local listings from screenings, keep your eyes open for the DVD/BluRay release… whatever you have to do, SEE THIS FILM!

9/10 Skulls

I enjoy what I do…


Everyone knows a Horror fan. Just like everyone knows at least one sports nut, or car enthusiast, or what have you. We’re generally pretty easy to spot, because we wear our obsession on our sleeve, sometimes literally. It should come as no surprise that I am the token Horror nut in my office, and as such I take it as my responsibility to recommend (some would say promote, but I don’t give myself that much credit), quality horror films to my co workers. My recommendations range from the classics, to newer releases, and all in between. What really makes my day, sometimes even the best part of my day, is when a co-worker comes in to the office, and immediately seeks me out.


“Holy shit Vince! I watched *Insert Horror title i had recommended to them* last night! OMG! It freaked me the fuck out! I actually screamed out loud! I got almost no sleep! OMG! …What else do you recommend?”


Yeah…that right there…that makes me a happy Doctor Havok 


Now I know my ABCs…



Alrighty, so last night I to a Sinister Cinema special presentation of The ABCS of Death. It was grand fun. The film is not new to me, as I had already seen it, but nonetheless, it is always fun to watch a film on the big screen, as well as support special events like these. The film is a very unique and ambitious anthology piece comprised of 26 shorts with 26 different directors. If i remember correctly, I heard that 15 countries are represented in the completed work. The styles of film vary, sometimes vastly from short to short, and some segments fall a little flat. Some are beautiful, others are confusing, some are hilarious, others are mesmerizing…and some are balls out insane! All in all, it is a fun and exciting film experience. A Sequel has already been confirmed with the same 26 director format. From the first film alone, I have a list of directors to check out! They even allowed fan submissions (T is for Toilet). In a previous entry, i wrote about my excitement with the direction the horror genre is going, and this film is a perfect example. It exposes us to new talent, fresh ideas, and fearless ambition. I welcome more and more and more! The Sinister Cinema series has two more dates coming up, May 30th is American Mary, the newest entry from the Soska Sisters(aka the Twisted Twins), and starring one of the longest running queens of my perverse fantasies, Katherine Isabelle. The final presentation on June 19th is No One Lives. When I first heard that it was a film from WWE studios, I had my doubts despite my love of wrestling, but after seeing the trailer, I have high hopes for this film. Check for theaters and times in your local area, support the genre, and as always feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, or if you just want to chat about this, or any other film, or anything in general.

I won’t be making any new entries over the weekend, as I’ll be catching up on some much needed beauty sleep. I’m sure i’ll be making a new entry soon though.

Stay sexy, Creeps!

Dawn of a New Dark Utopia


The title of this entry is far heavier than it really needs to be. It’s not the Zombie Apocalypse, Cthullu hasn’t risen, The Antichrist hasn’t risen. (*editors note* There is a Finding Nemo sequel coming out soon, focusing on Ellen Degeneres’ character…so i may have to take back my previous statement about the Antichrist) What I’ve referring to is what appears to be a new Boom Period for the Horror Genre. One could debate if it was Paranormal Activity, or even Saw that jump started it, or the rash of Horror themed TV shows that are enjoying great popularity (American Horror Story, The Walking Dead etc… I refuse to give any credit to that damn Vampire crap). Everywhere I look, I see Zombie this, or Zombie that…From a marketing standpoint, Horror is no longer everyone’s dirty little secret, but it’s been brought back into the open. Cycles like this happen again and again, it goes out of vogue for a time and almost becomes politically incorrect, then it becomes red hot again. Recent films such as Cabin in the Woods, Insidious, Sinister, Evil Dead, and Texas Chainsaw 3D, have been (in my opinion) superbly done, and set a high standard for following films to live up to. I find myself salivating for upcoming projects such as the next season of American Horror Story(Coven), and the new film from James Wan entitled The Conjuring. If your tastes fall a bit more towards the underground, There are enough classic re-releases coming out to make any horror fan salivate (check out Scream Factory, an imprint of Shout Factory for a good start). Right now, in select Cineplex theaters across Canada, you can catch special One-Night-Only screenings of some recent horror stand outs that you likely would never get a chance to see on the big screen, as part of their Sinister Cinema Events. Thursday May 23rd will see the screening of the ABCs of death, May 30th will bring American Mary, and June 19th will host No One Lives. Again, all screenings are one night only, so please visit, and check for which theater is screening near you. 


I’m fucking excited you guys…For someone who can’t get enough of the genre, it seems that for the time being, I get my wish…More and More and More.